CK 89/28294/23

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Van Zyl Boorwerke CC strives to continually improve all aspects of its operation by caring for the health and safety, the environment, social and economic consideration to create and provide a better future for the business, clients and the broader community. Our vision is obtained by taking action and accepting responsibility to improve profitability, managing all safety aspects of our operations, adherence to environmental policies adopted by our clients, initiation and supporting social development strategies/ programmes and to support/invest back into the economy of our country by aiding young and upcoming entrepreneurs. This vision makes our business a very successful and sustainable operation.


Health and safety mission: To ensure that all our employees are safe, we abide and uphold all Laws, regulations and rules to secure all the sites we work on, and provide all our employees with the necessary safety gear to avoid any personal injury. Making use of new technology, we constantly add the latest safety features to our equipment. Converting to hands free equipment and systems, we ensure the safety of our employees. We attend to the health of our employees by providing medical aid and prove health and safety education on a daily basis in accordance with the non-numerical goals set out in our Employment Equity plan. We use continuously training for our workers to improve safety.


All the oils and chemicals we use are biodegradable. We use these oils and chemicals during the drilling process, we apply precautionary measures to prevent these substances to penetrate the soil. We constantly explore technology which will assist us to protect the environment. We also adhere to the environmental policies of our clients and adjust our practices in accordance with these measures. We also promote business practices that respect the Earth and Environment.


To operate the business on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth and to increase this value to our members and employees, we are expanding opportunities for development and career growth for all our employees. These opportunities are extended to aide and assist new Entrepreneurs in the Country.


To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of communities where we operate, members of these communities are recruited to assist our various teams and receive training in our operations on a daily basis. Apart from the aforementioned we contribute monetary aide to social development programmes.

Strategy and vision Values