CK 89/28294/23

Vat nr 4470111081


Our goal is, on a continuous basis, to optimize our vision of health and safety, social and economic prosperity and environmental care.The objective is to be an industry leader, delivering innovative drilling services that consistently exceed the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers:

 We shall maintain an integrated health and safety management system compliant with accepted standards, set internally and to improve on this system by adopting such procedures as determined throughout our clients base which encourages a higher level of health and safety awareness.

 As part of the social environment, we committed the business to improve and uplift the communities in the areas we operate in. not only with monetary assistance, but also the development of individuals to rise from the grip of poverty to achieve their own personal goals.

 We are committed to a system of continual improvement to create a competitive advantage for our customers and ourselves. We will constantly strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

 We shall place highest value on integrity, innovative spirit, superior service to our clients and respect for people and the environment. We live from the earth and we need to reinvest back in it.

 By utilizing effective work procedures and practices a culture is created within the business where employees commit to themselves to commit to the objectives stated above.